Your Complete Guide to Content Marketing Strategy

  1. Determine the goals you want to achieve with it
  • Driving more traffic to your site
  • Increasing customer retention rates
  • Boosting profit
  • Generating more leads/sales
  • Demographics — age, race, income, employment, education, etc.
  • Sociographics — gender, nationality, language, socioeconomic status, brand loyalty, etc.
  • Psychographics — hobbies, interests, beliefs, habits, etc.
  • What challenges are these people facing that might make them search for your product/service?
  • What problems can your product/service solve?
  • Where is your audience searching for the information?
  • What is your audience’s favorite content format?
  • Is your content giving them adequate information to appeal to them?
  • Beauty hacks to make your hair look shinier
  • Tips to keep your skin healthy
  • News on the cosmetic industry
  • How to get a party-ready look overnight?
  • 3 weekly blog posts
  • 2 weekly videos
  • 1 monthly eBook
  • Keyword — assign a relevant and robust keyword to each of your content.
  • Thorough content — make sure every content covers all the information that your audience might want to know about that particular topic.
  • Format and grammar — your content should follow a specific format (like not capitalizing the subtitles) and grammar.
  • The tone of voice — your content should have a consistent voice tone. Do not keep it too formal as it will bore your audience soon.
  • Planning — create a plan, pick a topic, and get the topic approved.
  • Creating — prepare the blog and get it approved.
  • Editing — send it to the editorial team for edits and final approval.
  • Publish — upload it on your website
  • Promotion — share the blog post across various social media channels.



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