LinkedIn Introduces “Swipe Up” Links Feature to Stories

Last year in September, LinkedIn was spotted testing out the “swipe up” links features, and after all these months, the company has finally rolled it out. Users can now add links to their LinkedIn Stories. But as of now, this feature may not be available to all users worldwide.

With the release of this feature, when a user adds a link to his/her story, it will show a “see more” swipe-up option to the story viewers. Users can add a URL to their story by tapping the newly added “link” icon available in the various LinkedIn Stories options at the top right side of their composer screen.

Other people can access this URL by simply swiping up on the screen, just like they do on other platforms with a similar feature, such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Users will also have the option for previewing and editing their links before uploading the story. You can also check your Stories insights to see the number of “link clicks” your story has received.

Nevertheless, in terms of usage from your personal LinkedIn account, there is a reasonably vital catch.

At present, LinkedIn’s new “swipe up” links feature for Stories will be only available for LinkedIn pages and individual users who have a minimum of 5000 followers or connections with the “follow” icon as the primary CTA instead of “connect” on their account.

Back in 2018, the professional social networking platform included the option to change your profile’s call to action (CTA) button from “Connect” to “Follow” to allow users to grow an audience on the platform in contrast to adding unknown users to your professional network. However, with the launch of this feature, the platform has now made it a necessity to change your CTA button to follow in order to access this new feature. Nevertheless, while this seems a doable thing, the condition of having at least 5000 connections has put this feature beyond the reach of numerous individual accounts. On a relevant note, all individual users are restricted to have a maximum of 30,000 first degree connections.

However, this undoubtedly sounds beneficial for your company. As per LinkedIn, this feature can now be accessed by all business pages. According to LinkedIn Help Centre, the platform is rolling it out for all company pages now. So in case, you can’t see it yet, don’t worry, it will be most probably available soon, and you’ll be able to add links to your LinkedIn Stories.

Wrapping It Up

A couple of months ago, the professional social networking platform launched LinkedIn Stories. Now, once again, it has added another “swipe up” links feature, which has also been taken from other social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Even though it has been several months since the introduction of LinkedIn Stories, it is still unsettled whether these “Stories” go with this platform’s nature. It is clear that LinkedIn is trying to align its platform with rising content behaviors. So even if this new addition seems somewhat an odd fit currently, chances are it will become more relevant sooner or later.

To conclude, it can be worthwhile to test this new feature if you have an active and engaged LinkedIn profile. After all, it doesn’t hurt to experiment with new things. Plus, with the addition of the ability to add links to Stories, this feature might turn out to be a useful means of driving more traffic to your profile, which is undoubtedly a bonus point. So go ahead and see if you have got this feature or not and give it a try!

SOURCE : LinkedIn Swipe Up Links

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