Google Meet Will Now Tell You about Your Bad Network Connection

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After the pandemic, most people are doing work from home. Internet consumption suddenly raised after the pandemic. Poor speed is a major issue for users. Companies are getting a lot of complaints related to network issues. Now, tech titan Google came up with a solution for their very famous app Google Meet.

Google Meet is offering a feature. The feature will send users a notification if their internet connection is damaged. This video chat app will provide tailored troubleshooting recommendations as well as quick action to reduce resource consumption. When users are unable to join the call, Google workspace will provide administrators with access to view examples and troubleshoot with the Meet Quality Tool. The Workspace Admin Tool has already been made available. While the new features of Google Meet have started on June 1.

Through a series of posts on his workspace blog, Google announced several new features. These features are going to improve the calling experience on Google meet. Suppose a user’s Internet connection is bad. In that case, the chat app will provide a “notification bubble describing the problem and a red point on the ‘More Options’ menu. Users can select troubleshooting and assisting, which will give users important information on this issue and provide troubleshooting guidance.

Google meet will also provide troubleshooting recommendations tailored as personalized suggestions based on detected performance issues. “This can be useful in situations where lack of available resources is affecting call quality, such as your device automatically reduces the speed of CPU to enhance battery life,” the blog says.”

In addition, some quick works will also be recommended by Google Meet to improve the quality of calls. These quick, one-click changes will help reduce app resource consumption by using low CPU or network bandwidth. It will also suggest a better user experience, such as adding closed captions to help you understand audio better.

For Google workspace administrators, there is a refreshed meet quality tool, which will help them to analyze the causes of users’ unsuccessful attempts to join calls. “You will notice a new icon in the Timeline that indicates a failed attempt to connect — to see more information, just hover over the icon,” reads the blog by Google.

Google workspace administrator will see failed connection attempts when a user tries to join a call with his maximum partner capacity, a partner in the call is denied entry, the request time expires because no one in the call responded or joined the call after being deleted or their account was rejected due to prior abuse It was with these new features for meet quality tools, administrators can now help users immediately without contacting Google for their support.

These new features are available to all Google Workspace users as well as basic and business customers of G Suite. The meet quality tool update has already been rolled out for admins. While new features for Google meet will use Google’s rapid and scheduled rollout domain. Users registered in the former domain have started receiving updates from June 1. Users of the scheduled rollout domain may potentially have to wait longer than 15 days.

This feature will surely be going to help those people who prefer Google Meet for their professional as well as personal meets. Now when someone complaints to you about the poor quality on call, you know where the problem is, and furthermore you can inform your ISP about the issue.

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