Google Ads Rolls Out Identity Verification for All Advertisers

The search engine giant Google has been giving users a heads up regarding an identity verification process coming up for Google Ads since last year. But now it looks like the platform is officially prepared to roll it out finally. During the past few days, an increasing number of advertisers are receiving email notifications from Google itself, asking the email recipient to start their identity verification for Google Ads account by February 6th, 2021. The email also mentions that while Google reviews your information, it will continue serving your ads. However, only the advertisers who receive an email or in-account notification from Google need to complete this identity verification process. Failing to do so, the company will pause those accounts.

For this identity verification program, all you need to do is submit your legal name and address. Once Google verifies your information, it will be shown in an ad disclosure created by the search engine itself.

According to Google, this identity verification program is essential to deliver a safe and reliable ad experience to its users. Further adding to this, the company has also stated that advertisers should conform to the platform’s ad policies and thus complete this verification program if they don’t want to get their accounts suspended.

Wondering what is the problem here? The search engine’s poor choice of words in the email has led people to believe that Google will display the advertiser’s full name on ads. Now, this is undoubtedly unsettling for advertising agencies that are working on numerous Google Ads accounts for their clients and any other individual running ads on the platform. People currently perceive this as a violation of their privacy.

However, the platform was quick to understand that their email has been misinterpreted. Therefore, later, the platform cleared up that they won’t reveal the name of the agency or associate in charge of completing the form. Only the advertiser’s name, i.e., the brand’s name and their business location, will be shown in the ad disclosure.

Wrapping It Up

So it turns out that the whole issue with this identity verification program was nothing but a mere misunderstanding. The agencies have nothing to worry about, as discussed above. Besides, this entire verification process might turn out to be a good thing for the users as many unauthorized entities often place their ads on the platform. This new program can actually help hold them back to some extent. So, if you receive an email or in-account notification from Google asking you to complete the verification program, go ahead and do it because the search engine has made it pretty clear that they will take down your Google Ads account if you do not comply with their ad policies.

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SOURCE : Google Ads

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