A Comprehensive Guide to the Secret Sauce of PPC Success

  • Match your results to automation features
  • Finish the work of getting quality input ready
  • Clearly define what output equals success
  • Clearly defined goals and KPIs
  • Ample data and time frame
  • Effective ad messaging
  • Powerful landing page copy
  • Result: You want to save some of your time while managing your campaigns across Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.
  • Input: First, you need to set up Google Import, then schedule recurring imports, and finally set email alerts.
  • Output: New ads, keywords, and campaigns created in Google will be automatically added to Microsoft Advertising. You will save X amount of time every week, month, etc.
  • Result: You want to grow your business online with minimum time and ongoing management so you can focus on managing your business.
  • Input: Enter your business and billing details, set your advertising goals and basic ad copy in just a couple of minutes.
  • Output: Automation drives quality traffic to your website, and precise, understandable results surface on demand.
  • Result: You want to stay updated with the latest ad formats and optimize your ad copies with minimum impact on your time.
  • Input: Analyze ad suggestions in the UI or analyze email notifications to accept suggested ad additions or revisions.
  • Output: Better campaign performance (assess KPIs such as CTR, conversion rate, etc.), high-quality ads, and X amount of time saved
  • Result: Let’s say you want to deliver search ads that are inclusive as well as let you learn what value-based messaging resonates genuinely with your target audience.
  • Input: Pinpoint the words and phrases from the nine feelings of inclusion (hope, relief, acceptance, confidence, clarity, safety, zest, relaxation, celebration) or the three metaphors for inclusion (balance, connection, openness) that you want to test. Next, build Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) that test these words and phrases or metaphors across the 15 title slots and four body copy slots.
  • Output: Utilize asset performance reports to find the title and body combinations that worked the best, build new ads to continue testing these themes, and spread this messaging to other aspects of your marketing efforts.



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John Jack

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